C# Murmur 3 hash anyone?

If you need a fast and reliable (read very good to avoid collisions) hashing algorithm (not cryptographic), look no further, Murmur 3 is here to the rescue. Take it from here, it’s compatible with Unity3D. Directly translated from the c++ version. More info on Wikipedia and on this definitive answer on stack overflow

My First Game

knowing how short my memory is, I saved all my professional life memories in a folder on my HD. Some of those memories are meaningful only to me, but why not sharing my first, completed game (yeahh it was 1997…I think) ? The version I am linking is actually the second version of the really […]

Perlin Noise – Notes

Some time ago I collected some notes about Perlin Noise all over the web (sorry I don’t remember the original articles). These notes were finalized to implement a GPU coherent noise based smoke effect. I reckon these notes could be useful for somebody else as well.