The latest versions of perforce finally support the annoyingly for too long underestimated and useful option P4 clean. Using this command is possible to delete all the local files that are not present in the depot and sync all the files that have been modified locally, or to be more precise:

  1. Files present in the workspace, but missing from the depot are deleted from the workspace.
  2. Files present in the depot, but missing from your workspace. The version of the files that have been synced from the depot are added to your workspace.
  3. Files modified in your workspace that have not been checked in are restored to the last version synced from the depot.

This is very useful when is time to use perforce on a building machine, since it’s of fundamental importance to be sure that the workspace totally matches the depot.

Who, like me, is forced to use a previous version, though, is just destined to swear at infinitum. However, sick of the problem, I did some research around and found some articles with very good solutions. After I put them together I just wanted to share them with you.

The first part checks for all the files that are different in the workspace and, thanks to the piping facility, force sync them. I found out that is safer to call the commands separately instead to use the options -sd and -se on the same diff.

the second part uses a batch to delete all the files present in the workspace, but not in the depot, exploiting the reconcile command

as extra bonus, I add the following one

I don’t understand why often the revert unchanged files command doesn’t actually revert identical files. This command will succeed where the standard command fails.

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