I had two interesting problems to solve during the development of Svelto.ECS, which in short are: Set an implemented property of a struct, but only when the struct implements a specific interface, from a generic method and without casting the struct to the interface Assign an object to a fieldRead More →

2022 Update I leave this article up for historical purposes, but almost everything written here is not recommended anymore. The publisher/consumer tool especially was designed to let separate EnginesRoots communicate with each other in a thread-safe way. Any other use of it is confirmed to be an abuse, including theRead More →

Note: this article is now outdated. The new version is found at: https://www.sebaslab.com/the-new-svelto-ecs-survival-mini-example/ Introduction Lately I have been discussing Svelto.ECS extensively with several, more or less experienced, programmers. I gathered a lot of feedback and took a lot of notes that I will be using as starting point for myRead More →