Introduction Svelto.ECS is a platform-agnostic C# Entity-Component-System framework. You can catch its flexibility in action through the Svelto mini-examples, with applications written for Unity, .Net, SDL and Stride Engine. When using Svelto.ECS with Unity, the user has the option to take advantage of the entire DOTS suite or specific parts,Read More →

Previously, in Svelto.ECS, it was possible to query entity components directly as a managed array, which would have resulted in the fastest way to iterate over the components in c#. Since Svelto.ECS 3.0 and because now the framework supports natively native memory as well, I decided to remove this possibilityRead More →

With the approaching third major release, Svelto.ECS internals have been overhauled to support Burst and native memory (among other features that I will discuss in different articles). The idea to support native memory in a c# framework is counter intuitive, but Burst is such an incredible piece of technology thatRead More →

I had two interesting problems to solve during the development of Svelto.ECS, which in short are: Set an implemented property of a struct, but only when the struct implements a specific interface, from a generic method and without casting the struct to the interface Assign an object to a fieldRead More →