How Svelto.ECS + Svelto.Task help writing Data Oriented, Cache Friendly, Multi-Threaded code

Note: this is an on-going article and will be updated with my new findings over the time. It assumes the reader knows how to use Svelto.ECS and Svelto.Tasks although the findings are interesting regardless. Introduction New exciting features are coming to Svelto.ECS and Svelto.Tasks libraries.  As I am currently focused on optimizing Robocraft for Xbox […]

Svelto ECS is now production ready

Note: this is an on-going article and is updated with the new features introduced over the time. [last edit: 09/11/2017, last note added: 22/10/2017] Six months passed since my last article about Inversion of Control and Entity Component System and meanwhile I had enough time to test and refine my theories, which have been proven to work well […]