Note: this article assumes that the reader knows how to use Svelto.ECS and Svelto.Tasks although the findings are interesting regardless. Introduction New exciting features are coming to Svelto.ECS and Svelto.Tasks libraries. As I am currently focused on optimizing Robocraft for Xbox One, I added several functionalities that can help makingRead More →

Note: this is an on-going article and is updated with the new features introduced over the time.  In this article I will introduce a better way to run coroutines using the Svelto.Tasks TaskRunner. I will also show how to run coroutine between threads, easily and safely. You can finally exploitRead More →

In this article, I will explain the previously introduced Inversion of Flow control, then I will illustrate how to apply it in OOP and how this can be best achieved using the Entity Component System design. While ECS design apparently seems to have nothing to do with Inversion Of Control,Read More →